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This is Judith March's custom denim jacket. The letters are so pretty and detailed. It is perfect to put any first or last name on it, or even get creative and design whatever you want it to say!

Whether you want to buy it as a gift, keep it for yourself and wear it as an everyday jacket, or even wear them for a bachelorette weekend, this unique customized distressed jacket is sure to work for any occasion. 

Please see below for sizing information. Note, the custom denim jackets may come distressed. The washes and styles of the denim jackets change every few months, therefore you may not always receive the same jacket every time you order. Once you have placed your order, our design team will start your custom order! 

Since this item is custom, we do not offer refunds or exchanges. Once a custom order is placed, we are unable to change the style of the letter or size of the jacket. 

Custom orders take longer to fulfill than regular items. Please allow 2-3 business weeks for your custom order to be completed, as each item is handmade with love.**If you want your custom item sooner, you can choose one of our expediting shipping options at checkout. **

**If this product is purchased without adding/paying for custom letters, your order will be cancelled. This item cannot be purchased plain.**



Light/Medium Wash Fitted
Small- Length 22”, Bust 36”, Shoulder 15.5”, Arm Length 24”
Medium- Length 22.5”, Bust 37”, Shoulder 16”, Arm Length 24.5”
Large- Length 23”, Bust 38”, Shoulder 16.5”, Arm Length 25”

Medium Wash Boyfriend Denim
Small- Length 26”, Bust 42”, Shoulder 22”, Arm Length 20”

Medium- Length 27”, Bust 44”, Shoulder 22.5”, Arm Length 20”
Large- Length 28.5”, Bust 45”, Shoulder 23.5”, Arm Length 20.5”

Light Wash Boyfriend Denim

Small- Length 23", Bust 41", arm Length 23.5"

Medium- Length 23.5", Bust 43", Arm Length 24"

Large- Length 23.5", Bust 44", Arm Length 24.5"


Small- Length 23”, Bust 42”, Shoulder 18”, Arm Length 28”
Medium- Length 24”, Bust 44”, Shoulder 19”, Arm Length 29”
Large- Length 25”, Bust 46”, Shoulder 20”, Arm Length 30”